Platinum Sticker Pack 3


Mishka NYC Pack ($11.99) + Gold Pack ($5.99) + FREE Bronze Pack ($1.99) = 40+ Stickers ($19.97 value)

2 x Keep Watch - Rainbow
2 x Keep Watch - Pizza Pie
2 x Keep Watch - Mummy
2 x Keep Watch - Red Eyed Demon
2 x Mishka Name Plate
1 x Sticker Drop x Ekiem Collab
1 x Sticker Drop Bomber

Mishka NYC stickers are made in the USA and are sweatshop free.

Gold Pack contains 16 to 20 random stickers from independent brands and artists plus one exclusive sticker. Gold Pack stickers may differ from ones pictured. Free Bronze Pack has 3 to 4 unique stickers. No duplicates.

Sticker Drop is not responsible for how people choose to use their stickers. Independent artist and brand stickers may be different from those pictured.